5 Ways to Conserve the Biodiversity

Conservation of the biodiversity is they key to prevent Endangered status and Extinction of animals.
                         Photo Credit: scientifist.com

When life and existence is continually threatened , the inter depenendency range drifts away from the natural balance made by mother nature. The biodiversity is connected in a unique circle of life where all lives including the plants interact together consciously and unconsciously to hold life in it's natural and neautral balance. Over the years the population of plants and , animals has witnessed a strong downtrend worldwide, everyday animals draws close to Extinction as a result of the activities of human; in the form of technoligical innovation, driving animals away from their natural habitat, deforestation and  poaching, then weather; in the form of climate change which has affected animals like the walrus and polar bears including aquatic live, predation e.t.c. Conserving the biodiversity is undoubtedly a strong necessity that should be upheld in a bid to save the ecosystem.

1. Government Policy

The Dutch government has made efforts to preserve the biodiversity and the ecosystem in the Netherlands. The natural environment is protected by rules, laws and regulations, regulating at the national and international level in the Netherlands. The national ecological network (NEN) and the Natura 2000 are efforts by the Dutch government through it's policy to help preserve the ecosystem. The government of the UK is not left out on the bid to save the biodiversity, with it's 2010-2015 policies. These government policies has strengthened the Biodiversity and the ecosystem, yet more policies needs to be made by governments around the world because the biodiversity and all it's element are endemic to different parts of the world, some of which are at the verge of Extinction.

2. Habitat Restoration

Habitat loss has been the major cause of Extinction of a good number of animals and species. The habitat loss is driven by urbanization, industrialization and technology. The panda has faced a strong population downtrend and habitat loss is a major contributing factor. Habit Restoration is a positive step towards ensuring the continuity of life in the Biodiversity.

3. Breeding

Breeding animals in captivity, endangered animals,  in a controlled environment and healthy welfare will help to boost the population of an already Endangered animal specie, if the breeding is carried out on a large scale.

4. Climate Change

Climate change along with global warming resulting from the effects of the green house gases has caused an unusual climatic change which now affects the entire biodiversity. It has been proven that climatic change has put the walrus population on a thin ice. The world at large needs to source for an alternative source of fuel that emits little or no harmful gas into the atmosphere.

5. Education

Education is a mighty weapon thats combats issues right from the cognitive out to it's implementation. More Educative platforms like the SWIFT Biodiversity education project needs to be set up to educate individuals, organization and groups on how to promote the continued conservation of the Biodiversity which is seeing a dowtrend in the population of a good number of it's animals and plants.