Should Animals Perform in the Circus?

animals in the circus are maltreated
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Entertainment took a different turn when Philip Astley, the father of modern circus, opened the first circus ever in London, in 1968, where he performed the trick riding. He rode in a circle rather than a straight line and this along with many other formats brought up the name “CIRCUS”. 

Animals performing in the circus
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A circus is a band of entertainers who perform activities that incites smiles, laughter, happiness, joy, and fulfillment just like any other entertainment outfit.  Shows in the circus usually includes clowns, tightrope walkers, dancers, magicians, hoopers, jugglers, trapeze act , unicyclist and animals.

Today, a lot of circuses around the world keeps wild animals (trained) in captivity for entertainment in the circus, performing various animal shows and stunts. Animals used in the circus include the giraffe, lion, elephant, tiger, leopard, cheetah, monkey, rabbit e.t.c

Animal activists around the world has pushed against keeping animals in the circus, giving a whole lot of cogent reason for this fight and this is sure bad for business, for circus owners. The Mexican congress banned the use of animals in circuses in 2014, the UK government is now set to ban the use of animals in circus in 2020 and theunited states of America was not left out.

It is believed that Animals in the circus, as well as animals in captivity are being physically abused, mistreated and they go through an unimaginable process and pains just to perform as expected in a circus. Some animal trainers even go as far as using whips for the animals, electric shockers and bull hooks, so they will act accordingly.  According to PETA an animal right group, during an undercover investigation of Carson & Barnes Circus, video footage was captured showing animal care director Tim Frisco training endangered Asian elephants with electrical shock prods and instructing other trainers to “beat the elephants with a bull hook as hard as they can and sink the sharp metal hook into the elephant's flesh and twist it until they scream in pain”.  These animals are so cruelly treated that even the lions, tigers and leopard and elephants do not get as much outside exposure as they are supposed in their natural habitat because they are always locked in cages and in shackles.
Should animals be kept in the circus?
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These then brings us to the big question “Should these animals be kept in the circus at the mercies of their cruel trainers, or taken to the zoo or perhaps sent to the wild and forest reserve”?