Save and conserve the biodiversity

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Biodiversity has been distinctively defined as the variety of animals and plant in the worlds global system. Biodiversity is such an imperative part of the global system, it holds all forms of life from small living organism to the crawling animals, walking and jumping animals, to the flying animals.

Biodiversity  includes  other important things and services such as cultural, recreational, and spiritual nourishment that play an important role in maintaining our personal life as well as social life.

Over the years, activities ranging from indescrimate killings, hunting, poarching, bush fire and fumigation has been a strong cause of concern has it has drastically reduced the population of animals and plants alike. These activies puts the animlas in a spot where their life stands on a knife edge.

Alot of animals and plants have gone extinct and more are going extinct, with a good number of animals being drawn to the endangered and critically endangered status of the international union of conservation of nature.

it became quite pertinent ad imperative to save biodiversity and ensure continuity in a bid to promote a natural balance in the global system, because the inter-dependency status of animals and plants is quite evident and strong that it can not be allowed to slack.

Saving the biodiversity is a ball that every individual, organisation and governement have to take up and uphold. Over the years there has been conservation programmmes like the West Visayas Biodiversity Conservation Programme and the world bank biodiversity Conservation Project and alot more,  yet more still needs to be done. The World is growing at an alarming rate and technology is the mother of these growth, which is been fueled by natuaral products, from the land and sea, which are actually some of the products of animals and plants. Some of these products are indescrimately gotten, through paorching, hunting, tree felling, bush fire e.t.c

We have done alot to save the biodiversity but we still need to do more, as its fate rest on our shoulders, yes, it does! on you and i.